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  Financial Results

Investors Grievance Cell   
  Compliance Officer
 Board Meeting on 10.02.2018
 Statement of Investor Complaints- 31.12.2017
 Shareholding Pattern - 31.12.2017
 Corporate Governance Report- 31.12.2017
 List of Shares Transferred to IEPF Account.
 Outcome of Board Meeting_09.11.2017
 Unaudited Financial Results_30.09.2017
 Investor Details- Unpaid Dividend 2010-2016
 Investor Details of Unclaimed Dividend(2009-10)
 Revised Board Meeting Notice_09.11.2017
 IEPF_ Nodal Officer Details
 Board Meeting Notice_11.11.2017
 Unpaid Dividend Details 2010-2017
 Coporate Governance Report_30.09.2017
 Shareholding Pattern_30.09.2017
 Investor Complaints_30.09.2017
 27th AGM Voting Results
 Unaudited Financial Results_30th June 2017
 Outcome of Board Meeting_09.08.2017
 Annual Report 2016-17
 IEPF Unclaimed Share Transfer Notice_2017
 IEPF Transfer-Unclaimed Shares 2017-18
 27th E-voting Book Closure AGM Notice-2017
 CG Report June 2017
 Investor Compliants_ June 2017
 Shareholding Pattern_June 2017
 Board Meeting Notice_09.08.2017
 27th AGM Notice to the Shareholders
 Risk Assessment Plan
 Familirization programme- 2016-17
 Board Diversity Policy and Succession Plan
 Outcome of Board Meeting_ 26.05.2017
 Financial Result with Declaration _31.03.2017
 Board Meeting Notice_26.05.2017
 Investor Complaints - 31.03.2017
 Share holding pattern as on 31.03.2017
 CG Report - March 2017
 Investor Grievance - Contact Details
 Unaudited Financial Results - 31st December 2016
 Investor Complaints - 31.12.2016
 Share holding pattern as on 31.12.2016
 CG Report - 31.12.2016
 Board Meeting Notice_06022017
 Revision of Credit Ratings.
 Unclaimed Shares to be transfered to IEPF.
 Magna Notice Intimation to Unclaimed Shareholders
 List of Investor Details for unclaimed Dividend
 Investor Complaint Details - 30.09.2016
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2016
 Share holding pattern as on 30.09.2016
 CG Report - 30.09.2016
 Board Meeting Notice-30.09.2016.
 AGM - Voting Result
 AGM Notice 2016- E-Voting Information
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2016
 Attendance Slip and Proxy Form 2015-16
 Annual Report 2015-16
 AGM Notice- 2016
 Investor Complaint Statement-30.06.2016
 Shareholding Pattern-30.06.2016
 Unclaimed Investor Divident Details - 17.05.16
 Board Meeting Notice
 Outcome of Board Meeting -28-05-2016
 Auditors Report and Declaration-31-03-2016
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2016
 Details for Board Formation-17.05.16
 Resignation letter of Sri.V. Rajendran, Director
 Whistle Blower Policy
 ID Familiraization Programme
 Board Diversity Policy
 Board Meeting Notice-28/May/2016
 Share holding pattern as on 31.03.2016
 Corporate Governance Compliance -31.03.2016
 Share holding pattern as on 31.12.2015
 Investor Complaint Details - 31.12.2015
 Corporate Governance Compliance -31.12.2015
 Board Policy - Materiality concept
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2015
 Policy on Preservation of Documents
 Share holding pattern as on 30.09.2015
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2015
 Corporate Governance Compliance -30.09.2015
 Voting Results of 25th AGM
 Annual Report 2014-15
 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2015
 Attendence and Proxy Slip_AGM 2015
 Corporate Governance Compliance -30.06.2015
 Share holding pattern as on 30.06.2015
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2015
 Code of Practices and Procedures
 Familiarisation Programme for Independent Director
 Remuneration Policy
 Code of Conduct -- Revised
 Corporate Policy-3
 Corporate Policy-2
 Corporate Policy-1
 Share holding pattern as on 31.03.2015.
 Corporate Governance Compliance -31/3/2015
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2014
 Unaudited Financial Results-30th September 2014
 AGM evoting
 Appointment of Directors
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2014
 AGM Notice 2013-14
 Annual Report 2013 - 14
 Attendance /Proxy/Postal ballot Form
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2014
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2013
 Unaudited Financial Results-30th September 2013
 Unaudited Financial Results-30th June 2013
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2013
 Unaudited Financial Results - 31st December 2012
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2012
 Annual Report - 2011-2012
 Unaudited Finanacial Results - 30th June 2012
 Audited Financial Result - 31st March 2012
 Unaudited Financial Results - 31st December 2011
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2011
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2011
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2011
 Unaudited Financial Results - 31st December 2010ll
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2010
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2010
 Audited Financial Result - 31st March 2010
 Unaudited Financial Results - 31st December 2009
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2009
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2009
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2009
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2008
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th September 2008
 Unaudited Financial Results - 30th June 2008
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2008
 Unaudited Finanacial Results - 30th June 2007
 Audited Financial Results - 31st March 2007
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2006
 Unaudited Financial Results-30th September 2006
 Unaudited Financial Results - June 2006
 Audited Financial Results-31st March 2006
 Unaudited Financial Results-31st December 2005
 Unaudited Financial Results Half Year Ended-Sep 05
 Unaudited Financial Results (Provisional)
 Audited Financial Results - Mar-2005
 Financial Details




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