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 Code of Conduct

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 test2 - 19-03-2015
 test - 19-03-2015

  New's Letter

 Installation of New Spectrometer
 Installation of New Tool Pre-setter.
 Magna Digitech Corporate Movie 2018.
 Pressure Equipment Directive(PED) Recertification
 Recertified for ISO 9001 2015 and IATF 16949 2016
 Casting of the Year Award from IIF
 New Version of ISO / IATF Certification.
 3D Sand Printing.
 TPG Recertification-2018
 New state of the art RFID Enabled Core shop
 Installation of Additional Machining facility
 Installation of Dual Station Cold box Core shooter
 New State of the Art LAEMPE Cold box Mixer
 Water Conservation
 Best Foundry Award .
 Installation of Furan Nobake Core curing Oven.
 Machineshop division - ISO / TS16949 Certification
 Magna Corporate movie 2017.
 TPG Recertification...
 Initiative on HR Practices.
 Thermal Reclamation Plant.
 Quality Management System Certifications June 2016
 Installation of Additional Machining facility,,
 Recognition Award.
 Machineshop division is recertified for TS16949
 Commissioning of CATA 2 system for its Furan.
 Centralised Inspection Facility.
 Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Recertification
 Installation of Romer Portable CMM with 3D Scanner
 Quality Management System Certifications 2015.
 Installation of Additional Machining Facility...
 TPG Recertification.
 3D Printing Technology.
 Installation of New Tri Track Furnaces.
 Installation of Pressure Blast Equipment.
 Training and Development Report - March 2015
 Power User of EDGECAM Award 2014.
 THORS Academy.
 Installation of New Paint Shop facility.
 Best Supplier Award from FMC Technologies
 Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certification.
 Supplier Award from ABB.
 Transport and Power Generation (TPG) certification
 Quality Management System Certifications.
 Casting - Rapid Prototype Services.
 Adaptive Thermal Analysis system.
 Sustainability Award from ABB.
 New Core Assembly Shop.
 Addition of CNC VTL to Machineshop.
 Installation of fully automized Sand Plant.
 Installation of Furnace Refractory Lining Tool.
 Installation of New sand testing equipments.
 Installation of Additional Machining facility..
 Power User of EDGECAM Award.
 Installation of New Intensive Sand Mixer.
 New Machine Shop.
 TPG Certification.
 Installation of the new CAM software.
 New Hunter XL 2024 molding machine.
 Power Generation Capacity
 Installation of Automatic sand cooling facility.
 Installation of Programming Bench for Maus.
 Fettling Automation
 Completion Fettling Automation phase-I
 Capacity expansion of Machine Shop.
 Machine shop capacity expansion-III
 Machine shop capacity expansion-II.
 Installation of Horizontal Shell core shooter.
 Finishing Automation plan.
 Clean Energy Green Energy -Wind Electric Generator
 Magna's product development capability goes goal.
 Installation of new Automatic CMM Machine
 Machine shop capacity expansion.
 Receipt of Sustainability Award.
 Corporate Social Responsibility activities-2.
 Installation of Universal Core Shooter.
 Development of High SiMo Ductile Iron Castings.
 Clean Energy Green Energy-Wind Electric Generator.
 Installation of vibratory finishing machine.
 Establishment of dedicated machining facility.
 Magna ships its 1st full container load to Europe.
 Capacity Expansion of Machine Shop
 Generation of Wind Energy.
 Melting System Upgrade.
 Modernization of raw material storage yard
 Automatic sand transportation system
 Training and Development Report.
 Installation of magnetic lifter.
 Installation of sand pre-processing plant.
 Receipt of supplier recognition award.
 Radioactivity Measurement Procedure.
 Quality Improvement Measures
 Energy Conservation Measures.
 New Machining Capability
 Installation of Carbon Equivalent Meter.
 Installation of pneumatic hammer for deraisering.
 Installation of Uninterrupted Power Supply unit.
 Visit of German Expert to Magna
 Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
 Training and Development Report
 Development of Tube Casting.
 Inauguration of new factory office premises.
 Installation of captive power generator.
 Excellence through Design.
 Upgradation of Electrical Utilities.
 New Building Infrastructure for Machine Shop.
 Magna Expands Its Capacity by 50%
 Best Exporter Award.
 Upgradation of Stores.
 Installation of new melting furnace.
 Installation of new mold handling line
 Composite Castings - Developed.
 Establishment of World Class Laboratory.
 Additional Horizontal Machining Center.
 Facilities upgradation of Training Center
 Installation of high speed cutting machine.
 Establishment of modern metallographic laboratory.
 Magna's march towards a green future.
 Establishment of Cleanliness Evaluation Laboratory
 Installation of tool pre-setter.
 Expansion Plan - Phase I
 High Integrity alloy castings for special appl.
 Expansion of Cleaning Room Facilities.
 Mechanization of Pouring in Furan Molding
 Best of Breed - Simulation Program.
 Installation of Additional Machining Facility.
 Magna Automates heavy casting production
 Installation of additional cooling facility
 Installation of additional machining facility
 Rotary Type Component Washing Machine
 Upgradation of Pressure Testing Facility.
 Third Edition of Website (www.magnacast.com).
 Clean Energy and Green Energy.
 Addition of Painting Capacity.
 Installation of new dust collection system
 Inception of Rainwater harvesting facility.
 Installation of automatic additive dosing system.
 Upgradation of sand testing laboratory.
 Commissioning of New Horizontal Machining Center.
 Installation of Duct Extraction System.
 Installation of New Intensive Mixer.
 Magna brings International expertise
 Installation of Sand Reclamation plant.
 Installation of Furan Fast Loop Molding Line.
 Best Foundry Award.
 Clean Energy Green Energy.
 New Heat Treatment Facility.
 Inauguration of Training Center.
 Installation of new equipment for physical testing
 Modernization of Core Shop.
 New Post Processing facility.
 Installation of Thermal Analysis System.
 Quality System Certification to ISO/TS 16949-2002
 Commissioning of LPG based direct heating systems.
 Installation of LPG Plant.
 Doubling of Pattern Making Capacity.
 New addition to our Family.
 Employee welfare amenities at Magna.
 Purchase agreement for Furan Fast Loop Line
 Development of Stack Molding.
 Social Involvement Program.
 Magna Participates in Hannover -2003
 Additional Quality Certification
 Order Monitoring System
 Expansion of Manufacturing Facility
 Additional Quality Measurement Capabilities
 Plan for implementation of ISO/TS 16949
 Development of Special Heat Treatment Applications
 Installation of New Auto-Charging Facility
 Upgradation of Melting Furnaces
 Commercial Production of ADI
 Certifications Achieved




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